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Independent day and boarding schools
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Independent day and boarding schools
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Independent day and boarding schools
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Independent day and boarding schools

Welcome to our Sixth Form Open Evening

November 17th 6.00pm – 7.45 pm

Located on the outskirts of the beautiful cathedral city of Canterbury, our school is proud both of its 135 years of history and tradition, and of its forward-looking, innovative approach to education. We are a school deeply rooted in the Christian Methodist tradition that welcomes all pupils of every faith and none, and celebrates diversity in all aspects of our school life. ‘Do all the good you can do’ is a guiding principle, and one that allows pupils to grow and develop into confident young adults, aware of their responsibilities and their place in the world.

Webinar starts at 6.00pm


Deputy Head’s Welcome

6.00pm – 6.05pm Mr Graham Letley

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Sixth Form Pathways & Sixth Form Life

6.05pm - 6.30pm

Welcome and Academic pathaways in the Sixth Form at Kent College
Mr Graham Letley
Deputy Head
Learn about the 3 academic pathways you can take at Kent College in the Sixth form. From the International Baccalaureate, 21 A Levels to chose from or 5 Cambridge Technical courses.
Claire Balsdon
Mrs Claire Balsdon, Head of Sixth Form Deputy Head Girl, Izzy and Deputy Head Boy, Ben
Learn about life in the Sixth form at Kent College from extra curricular opportunities and pastoral care to preparing for the next step in your future. Mrs Balsdon our Head of Sixth Form will be joined by our Deputy Head Girl Izzy and Deputy Head Boy Ben.

Department Sessions

Science & Maths at Kent College
Mr Stuart Wiles
Head of Maths
Ask Mr Wiles about Maths at KC
Mr Rupert Champion
Head of Physics
Ask Mr Champion about Physics at KC
Mr Stephen Fell
Head of Chemistry
Ask Mr Fell about Chemistry at KC
Mr Frank Sochacki
Head of Biology
Ask Mr Sochacki about Biology at KC
Mr Stuart Wiles
Head of Maths
Ask Mr Wiles about Maths at KC
Mrs Giselle Tomaszewska
Head of Psychology
Mrs Giselle Tomaszewska, Head of Psychology will be happy to answer any of your questions about studying Psychology at A Level. Please contact her directly at
Modern Foreign Languages and English
Mrs Bea Alonso
Head of Spanish
Ask Mrs Alonso about Spanish at KC
German Teacher
Head of German
Ask about German at KC
Mrs Francesca Modi
Head of French
Ask Mrs Modi about French at KC
Mr Stefano Sopranzi
Italian Teacher
Ask about Italian at KC
Mr Steven Gant
Head of English
Ask Mr Gant about English Literature at KC
English and Humanities
Mr Steven Gant
Head of English
Ask Mr Gant about English Literature at KC
Head of History
Head of History
Ask about History at KC
Mrs Ally McCardle
Head of Geography
Ask Mrs McCardle about Geography at KC
Mr Simon Sorokos
Government & Politics at KC
Ask about Government & Politics at KC
Mrs Elaine Jameson
Head of Religious Studies
Ask about Religious Studies at KC
Mrs Marie Montague
Head of Art
Ask Mrs Montague about Art at KC
Mrs Marie Christian
Head of Drama
Ask Mrs Christian about Drama and performance opportunities at KC
Mr Julian L. Ross
Director of Music
Ask Mr Ross about Music, individual tuition and performance opportunities at KC
Mr Mike Cloke
Head of DT
Ask Mr Cloke about Design and Technology at KC
Business, PE and Digital Studies
Head of ICT
Head of ICT
Ask about ICT at KC
Head of Media
Head of Media
Ask about Media at KC
Miss Lara Wilkinson
Director of PE and Girls Sport
Ask Miss Wilkinson about Sport and PE at KC
Mr Ian Armbruster
Head of Economics
Ask Mr Armbruster about Economics at KC
Mr Ian Armbruster
Head of Business
Ask Mr Armbruster about Business at KC

 Deputy Head’s Goodbye


7.45pm Mr Graham Letley
Deputy Head

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Find out more about the Sixth Form at KC here

Watch our Video

Please take time to view our video to get a glimpse into Kent College Canterbury.

Academic Results

Many congratulations to the class of 2020 as Kent College students and staff celebrated another successful year for IB, A-level and GCSE. The results reflected the consistently high standards that the school has been achieving for many years across a wide variety of subjects and various different branches of study.

We are proud of all our students and the contribution they have made to the school and to the local and global community. The cohort of 2020 deserves to be particularly recognised for their hard work, professionalism and how they coped during the challenging period of lockdown in the UK using the opportunity to pursue academic enrichment and service.

2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
IB average (points/45) 37 37 37 37 36 34 32
A level A*-A% 52 43 44 49 45 37 48
A level A*-B% 76 71 67 80 71 63 77
A level % pass rate 99 100 100 100 100 100 100
GCSE A*-A% (2018 onwards 9-7)* 48 36 38 46 38 37 39
% achieving 5 or more GCSEs 100 98 100 100 100 100 100

Video Gallery

Pastoral Care and Pupil Wellbeing

Kent College has a reputation for being a friendly and caring school, and our pastoral structure is designed to give all pupils the support they need
from the start of their school career to the day they leave. Our mission is to always be pupil-centred and to focus on enabling every child to become the best he/she can be.

School Farm

Pupils at Kent College are incredibly lucky to have access to the school’s full working farm, set in 50 acres of land. Moat Farm is a short walk from the main Senior school campus and is open to all pupils. It is equally popular with students who want to be Young Farmers who are aiming to pursue a career such as veterinary science, or with those who simply love the experience of spending time with the wide array of farm animals. The school’s Farmers’ Club has been in action for more than 60 years, and it allows pupils to work with all the animals on the farm: a breeding herd of Sussex cattle, pigs, a small flock of sheep, as well as the farm’s hens,
ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs!

Horse Riding at KC

KC Horse Riding is open to all pupils – pupils do not need to have their own pony, so it is a great opportunity for girls and boys who are interested in learning how to ride and look after horses. KC Horse Riding is an approved Pony Club centre, and pupils who ride with us may, if they wish, join the Pony Club and work to achieve lots of different badges (such as mucking out, grooming, horse behaviour, colours and markings), certificates and tests, incorporating horse care and riding.


“The learning environment has been extremely stimulating, enabling me to achieve the highest standards and providing me the opportunity to discover and explore new educational and career pathways for the future.” Pietro (Italy)
“Kent College Sixth Form allowed me to choose a range of subjects, such as Business, that have a high percentage of coursework, rather than all end of year exams. The pace of the course allows me to consolidate information and really suits my way of learning. The exams are well spaced through the year allowing me to thoroughly prepare. There is also the opportunity to retake exams if I want to improve my grade.” Edward (UK)
“Chemistry lessons filled with practical experiments, after school opportunities such as Electronics Club and the open atmosphere and ability to freely ask questions, have made my learning experience at Kent College a very valuable one.” Richard (South Korea)

Scholarships & Bursaries

If you’re interested in applying for a scholarship or bursary please click below.


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School Fees

2019-20 fees have been held for Autumn Term 2020 and are due to be reviewed in January 2021.

The termly fee ranges are currently as follows: 

Day Pupils

Year 7 – £16,794  (£5,598 per term)
Year 8-9 – £18,324 (£6,108 per term)
Year 10-13 – £18,864 (£6,288 per term)

Boarding Full Time

Year 7-8 – £26,244 (£8,748 per term)
Years 9-13 – £35,628 (£11,876 per term)

Boarding Weekly

Year 7-8 – £21,252 (£7,084 per term)
Years 9-13 – £31,794 (10,598 per term)


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