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Independent day and boarding schools
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Independent day and boarding schools
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Independent day and boarding schools
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Independent day and boarding schools

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Kent College has a long tradition of recognising and rewarding outstanding ability by awarding scholarships for academic achievement, the IB Diploma (Year 12 only), and in Art, Design (Years 9 and 12 only) Drama, Music and Sport. Scholarships are designed to attract talented pupils from all backgrounds who would benefit from the unique educational experience offered by Kent College. The school undertakes to nurture and develop a scholar’s talent; in return scholars are expected to make a significant contribution to school life.

Scholarships are offered to pupils at Year 7 (age 11+), Year 9 (age 13+) and Year 12 (age 16+). As a member of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference (HMC), the group of schools that includes the top independent schools in the country, it is agreed that the maximum amount of scholarship available will be 50% of tuition fees. It is possible to be awarded a scholarship in more than one area but the maximum overall value will not exceed 50%.

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Means-tested bursaries may also be offered in addition to scholarships, and further information is available from the Admissions team

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Scholarship Information Evening

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Wednesday 19th October 2022
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“The pupils’ behaviour towards one another is excellent, reflecting the school’s primary aim to be a caring community” ISI Inspection
“Pupils benefit from an excellent and inventive curriculum. Bespoke timetabling enables the college to meet pupils’ subject choices and for instance additional practice time for advanced athletes or musicians” ISI Inspection
“Going to the farm has made me more confident and determined, and given me valuable team working skills that I’ll need in the future.” KC pupil

Pastoral Care and Pupil Wellbeing

Kent College has a reputation for being a friendly and caring school, and our pastoral structure is designed to give all pupils the support they need
from the start of their school career to the day they leave. Our mission is to always be pupil-centred and to focus on enabling every child to become the best he/she can be.

School Farm

Pupils at Kent College are incredibly lucky to have access to the school’s full working farm, set in 50 acres of land. Moat Farm is a short walk from the main Senior school campus and is open to all pupils. It is equally popular with students who want to be Young Farmers who are aiming to pursue a career such as veterinary science, or with those who simply love the experience of spending time with the wide array of farm animals. The school’s Farmers’ Club has been in action for more than 60 years, and it allows pupils to work with all the animals on the farm: a breeding herd of Sussex cattle, pigs, a small flock of sheep, as well as the farm’s hens,
ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs!

Horse Riding at KC

KC Horse Riding is open to all pupils – pupils do not need to have their own pony, so it is a great opportunity for girls and boys who are interested in learning how to ride and look after horses. KC Horse Riding is an approved Pony Club centre, and pupils who ride with us may, if they wish, join the Pony Club and work to achieve lots of different badges (such as mucking out, grooming, horse behaviour, colours and markings), certificates and tests, incorporating horse care and riding.

Academic Results

Many congratulations to the class of 2022 as Kent College students and staff celebrated another successful year for IB, A-level and GCSE. The results reflected the consistently high standards that the school has been achieving for many years across a wide variety of subjects and various different branches of study.

We are proud of all our students and the contribution they have made to the school and to the local and global community. The cohort of 2022 deserves to be particularly recognised for their hard work, professionalism and how they coped during the challenging period of lockdown in the UK using the opportunity to pursue academic enrichment and service.

2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
IB average (points/45) 38.5 37 37 37 37 36 34 32
A level A*-A% 55 52 43 44 49 45 37 48
A level A*-B% 77 76 71 67 80 71 63 77
A level % pass rate 100 99 100 100 100 100 100 100
GCSE A*-A% (2018 onwards 9-7)* 48 48 36 38 46 38 37 39
% achieving 5 or more GCSEs 100 100 98 100 100 100 100 100

*please note: a direct comparison is not possible between the old A*-E grades and the new 9-1 grades.

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